The right value messages to the right stakeholders.

Communication is key to achieving market access success.

Even with a solid evidence base, you need to effectively integrate your findings in your value communication strategy and present it in a way that resonates with the key stakeholders in market access process. We will guide you through reimbursement and the HTA submissions process, where evidence and value determine access decisions. We are experts in communicating complex problems in a language that resonates with the key stakeholders.

Cross-market reimbursement/HTA submissions

Gaining approval by national reimbursement, pricing or HTA agencies is critical to patient access.

At NHTA we have extensive experience in preparing and submitting comprehensive evidence dossiers and economic models to HTA bodies to gain reimbursement.

Therefore, NHTA can support your reimbursement needs by effectively integrating the clinical and economic messaging and communicate this in a robust and transparent manner.

Value Dossiers

Value dossiers play an essential role in aligning evidence and messaging for market access teams.

In order for value dossiers to provide optimal value they need to be precise, and easy to comprehend and use for the local affiliate team.

At NHTA, we can be your partner for developing value dossiers as we understand the challenges involved with compiling operational value dossiers that the local affiliates can use in their market access strategy.

NHTA is your partner from strategy to implementation, formalizing the value communication strategy throughout the product life cycle.

Value Communication Strategy

Due to the differences between markets it is necessary to target you value communication strategy to the specific market dynamics and landscape.

Due to our insight in the different markets dynamics and requirements NHTA is you partner for developing the optimal value communication strategy.

Value Demonstration Tools

The European markets are increasingly impacted by payer actions, including price cuts on in-market medicines, and the use of incentive schemes to drive a shift to cheaper alternatives. It has never been more important to demonstrate the value a medicine or a device delivers to the patient and healthcare system.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in developing budget impact models and payer engagement tools that demonstrate the value of your product.

Effective Sales Implementation & Training

Across markets, sales are faced with similar challenges. Payers are looking for solutions that increase effectiveness, simplify procedures, or cut costs compared to the current standard of care. As you approach product launch, you will need to communicate all aspects of a product’s value to your market access and sales teams.

NHTA is your preferred partner in supporting you with effective sales training. We can support you with a range of different training tools, including mock-payer training at roll-out meetings, interactive workshops to maximize engagement between attendees, and ensure active learning.


At NHTA we can support you with the medical writing process. Our highly skilled team of clinical experts and writers provide services to transform medical and health economic evidence into the format of your publication needs; be it reports, whitepapers, posters, or scientific articles.