Increased synergies for HTA submissions in the Nordics!

With the introduction of the new DMC methods guideline, the requirements for submissions to the DMC changed quite significantly. Previously, the health economic report and clinical application should be submitted separately, whereas it now must be included in line with the pre-specified template, similar to NICE and NoMA. The DMC has the most comprehensive requirements of all the Nordic countries; however, it is apparent that the DMC has been heavily inspired by the NoMA submission template and their requirements.

Synergies between submissions in the Nordic countries existed before the new DMC framework, however, potential synergy effects between submissions for Denmark and Norway have increased significantly, with reduced resource use and optimized coordination as a result.

NHTA have many successful experiences with supporting clients with reimbursement submissions for all Nordic countries together, and recently, an increased rate of submissions for Denmark and Norway only due to the recent changes.

Please contact Asger, +45 5195 3676 to learn more about how to optimize the submission process in the Nordics.