Market Access Courses

In May and June Asger Lindvig delivered modules for the two Atrium courses “Cross-functional Market Access” and “Market Access Management and Regulations”.

In the module “Cross-functional Market Access” he covered the Danish Medicines Council Process, including:

  • The requirements
  • The impact of the new assessment framework and the QALY
  • The clinical application and health economic analyses
  • Pricing and innovative agreement structures
  • Negotiation, tactics, and tools

In the module “Market Access Management and Regulations” he covered the specific changes that has been implemented during the short life of Danish Medicines Council, including:

  • The initial process
  • The revisions in the process
  • The current process
  • Why the DMC transitioned from using clinical benefit categories to using QALYs
  • Experiences with the new process from an applicant’s perspective and what to expect in the future

Asger is regularly delivering modules in Atrium, and we highly recommend these courses for anyone who wishes gain knowledge within Market Access in Denmark.