National Hospital Medication Register

Sygehusmedicinregistret (SMR)

Now available through Statistics Denmark

In Denmark, the National Hospital Medication Register / Sygehusmedicinregistret (SMR) is now available through Statistics Denmark. Only Danish research environments are allowed to access these data. NHTA is authorised as a research environment which ensures NHTA has access to all Danish registries, including the new register on hospital medication.

The SMR provides a new opportunity to merge hospital drug use with patients’ characteristics in patient-level datasets. As such, we can now access both in-patient and out-patient drug use, which is unique for Danish registry data.

This can help in many different situations, such as recommendations of new indications, innovative pricing, conditional recommendations, effect-based contracting, post-approval study requirements, and many more.

Further, it is possible to link data across the national health registers – and all other registry data in Denmark.

It is great news that these data are made available for researchers and analysts. In NHTA, we look forward to using these new data to improve treatment options for patients.

Do you want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact us (Christine Marie Bækø Halling, to know more. We look forward to discussing potential applications of this register.

Key Features & Applications

Key Features

Now available

First version of data on hospital drugs is expected to be available ultimo May 2022. A new more complete version is expected ultimo 2022.

Contains in-patient drug use

Information about the drug, prescription, administration, diagnoses related to the medication, information about the patient.

Patient-level information

Through this data, we can determine the quantity and on which indication patients receive specific hospital drugs.

Link to all DK registries

Possible to link data across the national health registers – and all other registry data in Denmark.


Approval of new indications
Innovative pricing
Conditional recommendations
Effect-based contracting
Post-approval study requirements
Determining how many patients receive the drug
Indication for drug prescription
Costing analyses
and many more