Real-World Evidence

Globally recognised Nordic register data

Real-World Evidence – Real insights – Real impact

Over the past decade, Real-World Evidence (RWE) has opened remarkable new opportunities in health economics and market access. Insights from RWE can provide real impact when the right questions are asked, and the right methods are used.

NHTA is authorised to access patient level data within all Danish registries through Statistics Denmark. This ensures that NHTA has direct access to Danish registries, which enables linkages of both health registries (e.g., administrative registries and clinical databases) with all other Danish registries.

Further, we have a strong network and strategic partnerships that ensure high-quality work on our RWD and RWE projects in the Nordic countries.

NHTA’s specialists can guide you through the complexity of working with RWE into seamless processes and outcomes that fit your needs and brings value to your project.

NHTA has direct access to Danish nationwide registries
We can merge a wide range of patient data through the unique Nordic registries
Strong network and strategic partnerships with universities
Simplifying the complexity of RWE

Why RWE through NHTA?

Our patient-level real-world studies enable you to obtain deeper and faster insights into the impact of diseases and treatments. NHTA can work with you to determine the right study design to generate the evidence you need.
NHTA has data access expertise and specialists with:

Extensive experience in providing fast, useful, and reliable analyses within

Health economics
Registry data

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Nordic national registries


Strong data managing and analytic skills

Streamlining the data access process
Extraction of research data
Utilise the right methods for your project

NHTA is a leading provider of RWE and has a strong track record. Our international and multidisciplinary team has developed 100+ health economic models and research projects. Each member of our team maintains high-quality standards and is closely following the new developments in RWE research.

We can help you to be ready for the real world.

Where can NHTA create value through RWE?

All phases of a product’s life-cycle can benefit from observations from the real world. NHTA is offering invaluable insights across all these stages. Our team of analysts with in-depth knowledge and comprehensive experience of the national registries are ready to help you with your RWE needs.

1) Discovery

Market potential and
feasibility studies

Identify unmet needs

Disease epidemiology

Discover drug use patterns

Characteristics of target population

2) Development

Clinical trials and
innovative RWE

Optimize clinical trials

Understand trial population’s representation

Synthetic control arm

Simulate randomization using observational data

3) Launch

Market authorization
and access

Accelerate regulatory approval

Compare effectiveness with existing products

Study market size

Innovative pricing

Conditional recommendations

4) Commercialisation

Phase IV studies
and post-marketing

Assess new therapeutic areas/new indications

Study treatment patterns

Monitor drug compliance

Target clinicians and patient organizations

Who do we support?

Knowledge of how products are actually used in real-world settings can help stakeholders make important decisions and accelerate the market access process


The industry is frequently using RWE. From identifying unmet needs or describing patient groups to optimizing clinical trials and market access.


FDA/EMA/DMC benefit from post-market safety and benefit/risk studies. RWE is increasingly seen as a key factor for market approvals.


Patients- and patient organizations use and benefit from data openness and knowledge about their conditions.


The most efficient clinical decisions are leveraged based on evidence and knowledge about the treatment options and patients.


Knowledge of treatment patterns, costs and efficiency/value provides the basis for prioritization decisions.

National Hospital Medication Register/ Sygehusmedicinregistret (SMR)

Researchers and clinicians will soon have a much more detailed insight into how drugs are used in Danish hospitals.

This is possible as the National Hospital Medication Register/Sygehusmedicinregistret is now ready and available to researchers. NHTA has access to the data from May 2022.

We are available for conversations

If you have any questions about the potential of RWE for your product or research area, please contact us through this formula or directly to our head of RWE, Christine Halling,

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