The first year with the Danish Health Technology Council (DHTC) in a brief.

A bit more than a year has passed since DHTC was established, so it is time for a summary of their progress so far:

  • Two evaluations have been initiated.
    1. One device, Memokath™ from PNN medical, has been selected for evaluation. Memokath™ is metallic urinary track stent for use in patients suffering from chronic urethral stricture. Memokath™ has received a positive recommendation from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) UK in MTG35. Despite limited evidence, NICE considers that in selected cases, Memokath‑051 is effective at relieving ureteric obstruction and improving quality of life.
    2. The other product just recently selected (May 2022) for evaluation is the Selfback App, a mobile application for patients with non-specific lower back pain. Patients receive a bespoke self-management plan, including a personalised exercise program, which is updated and adapted to the user’s abilities and progress on a weekly basis.

This does not mean that only two technologies have been considered by the DHTC. Before the DHTC initiates an evaluation, they consider whether the technology fulfils they assessment criteria (proposal phase).

  • The DHTC have selected four Multiple Technology Assessments (MTAs). These are:
    1. Use of artificial intelligence (AI) as decision support in colonoscopy examinations for colorectal cancer
    2. Use of hand-held pocket-sized ultrasound scanners for point-of-care examinations of patients in the emergency department
    3. Use of patient-centred diabetes technology. Key focus is sensor-based glucose meters for adult patients with type 1 diabetes
    4. Use of Intelligent/ high-tech hospital beds in clinical practise. Key focus is intensive care patients

At this stage, the council has only approved the designs of the analysis for AI assisted colonoscopy and the hand-held ultrasound scanners. Companies are invited to provide inputs to the DHTC after the analysis designs have been approved. However, literature searches, analyses, health economic models, etc. will be developed by the secretariat of the DHTC.

What we don’t know at this stage is how the DHTC will formulate these recommendations and how/whether the Regions are expected to implement these. We will follow this closely!

Symposium in May 2022

In May 2022 the DHTC held a symposium with approx. 200 participants. The symposium covered three overall topics.

  1. Prioritization of health services in a Scandinavian context
  2. The patient perspective in HTA
  3. Implementation of health technologies in theory and practice

The NT council from Sweden, the Norwegian institute of Public Health and New Methods from Norway, and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) from UK provided their experiences with HTAs within MedTech. Additionally, interesting considerations were provided on how to involve the patient perspective in HTA.