What sets us apart?

Value driven work

The market access landscape is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging every day. Therefore, to find the optimal solutions, it is necessary to constantly innovate and break patterns with the latest scientific insights and health economic methods.

The optimal solution is not always the most complicated solution. In the end, the solution needs to provide value; value for the client, value for the HTA agencies, value for the payers, and most importantly value for the patient.

Consequently, we believe that strategy and health economic solutions go hand in hand, in order to optimize the outcome of the market access process.

To deliver the optimal solution our recipe is simple:

  • We push the envelope for innovation by being industry experts in market access and health economics.
  • We listen to our client’s needs.
  • We focus on the objective.
  • We provide honest and realistic feedback and welcome the same.
  • We deliver on time.

Our mission is to elevate the bar for market access and health economics. We want to deliver the optimal solution – nothing less

It is not always easy to practice what you preach, but we try to. To meet the future standards of market access we have chosen to let our work be guided by values instead of profit margins.


At NHTA we have Nordic roots however we work and think globally.

Our DNA is a mix of a professional pride and a drive to deliver at the highest standards and quality within in our field. We embrace a close partnership with our clients and strive to find optimal solutions to every challenge. We believe in having open dialogues and provide our clients with honest feedback and welcome the same.