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NHTA is a boutique Market Access consultancy specialized in Health Economics

Optimizing value throughout the Market Access process, from strategy to implementation.

It starts with your needs.

With us there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Your specific needs and unique context are our starting point to ensure we can deliver bespoke solutions that bring the value you seek. We combine our extensive experience within evidence generation, health economics, Market Access, and communication to support your Market Access objectives.

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Fit for the future 

The NHTA team consists of highly skilled and passionate people, who always strive to find optimal solutions. Market Access is heavily impacted by external changes, and these days, value based healthcare move quickly. To keep up, it is important to stay on top of future trends.

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A value driven consultancy

At NHTA we choose pride over profit. We focus on quality and creating value with a “No BS” approach to consulting. We have a strong track record and our international team have combined developed 100+ health economic models and research projects.

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We are expanding

With an increasing demand for health economics and HTAs in Europe and for us to continue co-creating and delivering results together with our clients, we are extremely th rilled to…

New publication!

Health outcomes in cost-effectiveness analyses are usually measured in quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) as it enables comparisons among various conditions. QALYs are typically based on health state preferences from a…